About Me

Dr. Anna Galęba PhD MD

  • Poznań Medical University (MD) in 2005 (Poland);
  • Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine and Cert. Aesthetic Medicine Doctor (Poland – 2008 PSME PTL and USA – 2016, 2017 American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine AAAM);
  • Management in Health Care (2008);
  • PhD MD (2011);
  • Best Regenerative Aesthetician Award 2019;
  • International Aesthetic Trainer (trained more than 2,500 doctors of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine from Poland and abroad and about 500 cosmetologists from the basic of cosmetology);
  • As a Participant, Workshop moderator, Chairman, Organizing Committee and President of the session at Congresses of Aesthetic Medicine in Poland and in the world;

More than 40 speeches at Medical Congresses in Poland and in the world (including World Aesthetic Medicine Congresses) – USA, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Italy, Brazil, Thailand, UAE

  • Author of tens publications in reputable medical journals (more than 50) and medical books (more than 10) in Poland and abroad (USA, India) about aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, dermatology and management in healthcare;
  • Author of tens articles in lifestyle magazines about aesthetic and anti-aging medicine;
  • As a Member of Editorial Board of several prestigious medical journals in Poland and abroad (USA, India);
  • As a Reviewer of prestigious medical journals in Poland and USA (even with Impact Factor Thomson Reuters);
  • As a Chairman – Poland Chapter of Anti Ageing Foundation – Society of Regenerative Aesthetic & Functional Medicine in India;
  • As a Scientific and Medical Advisory Board Member in International Association of Stemcell and Regenerative Medicine (IASRM);
  • Cooperation with Medical Universities in Poland and India – science researches, medical articles;
  • As a Scientist and Aesthetic Medicine Expert in Pharmacist Companies (USA, Germany);
  • As an Expert (Aesthetic, Anti-Aging and Wellness Medicine), in 2 companies in USA (New York) and in UK (London);
  • Medical Director in GalAna Group. Polish company (sports), working all over the world – global (Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America).